America’s Swimming Pool Company (ASP) is dedicated to making an impact.

Through our partnership with OneWorld Health, ASP is providing a way for franchisee owners to give back and change the lives of our friends around the globe. This partnership will not only provide a platform for franchisee owners to take pride in the work they are doing but also allowing them to engage in a new and exciting way with their customers.

We have the opportunity to work with water every day. And we understand that clean water matters, not only for pools but also on a global scale for people’s health. We are excited to work with an organization that’s bringing health to communities around the globe that need it most.

Clean water matters.




The reality of poverty hits you when it has a face and a name, and you see it day in and day out.

It hits close to your heart. Take 4-year-old Eddie. He had walked into a pit where people burned trash and suffered severe burns on both legs. In a desperate attempt to save him, Eddie's parents had rubbed dirt and ash on his legs to protect the open wounds. Infection set in. The local public health staff advised Eddie's parents to take him home and keep him comfortable while he died. Instead, the OneWorld Health Uganda staff quickly administered antibiotics and cleaned and wrapped his burns. They did so every day for months. Today, Eddie is 10. He plays soccer and visits the medical staff each month. This would not have been possible without access to clean water in the clinical setting.




bringing sustainable healthcare to East Africa and Central America.

OneWorld Health is revolutionizing the approach to medical intervention in the developing world by moving beyond relief to achieve long-term improvements in health.

In a world where nearly half the population lives on less than $2 per day (Source: UN, 2013), socialized healthcare systems are overcrowded, poorly equipped, and underfunded. OWH is bridging the gap between ineffective, socialized care and unaffordable, private care. By creating sustainable medical centers that offer low-cost services, OWH is able to increase accessibility to high-quality healthcare and empower communities for a healthy tomorrow.